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Our Team

Executive Team

Dr. Grant Stotts Director
Dr. Michel Shamy Scientific Director
Fellowship Director
Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi VP Research, Dept. Of Medicine
Dr. Dylan Blacquiere Stroke Neurologist
Dr. Robert Fahed Stroke Neurologist & Interventionalist
Dr. Célina Ducroux Stroke Neurologist

Stroke Clinicians

Dr. Matt Hogan Stroke Neurologist
Dr. Christine De Meulemeester General Neurologist
Dr. Stacey Tokar General Neurologist
Dr. Danny Lelli Neuro-ophthalmologist
Dr. Vivien Parker General Neurologist

Core Research Team & Affiliated Scientists

Brian Dewar Research Professional
Karen Mallet Clinician Investigator
Dr. Brian Drake Clinician Investigator
Dr. Howard Lesiuk Clinician Investigator
Dr. Santanu Chakraborty Clinician Investigator
Michele Demetroff Research Coordinator
Rebeccah Beardshaw Research Assistant

Residents & Medical Students

Dr. Ronda Lun
Hannah Faris
Ainsley Mathewson
Timothé Langlois-Thérien


Dr. Emma Ferguson Stroke Fellow
Dr Francene Gayle Stroke Fellow

Champlain Regional Stroke Network

Lisa McDonnell
Jodi Powell
Isabelle Martineau
Hailey Pattem
Chantal Lauzon
Catherina Wong
Aline Bourgoin
Brammiya Sivakumar
Sophia Gocan
Laura Dunn
Dana Guest
Kate Charbonneau

Colleague Remembered

Dr. Cheemun Lum


Our close friend, Dr. Cheemun Lum, had a profound effect on the Ottawa Stroke Program. His leadership in interventional neuroradiology was a formative influence, and his research collaboration was instrumental to our academic mission. Cheemun’s time was too short, and we miss him dearly.